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Avenue Group helps industry professionals of all levels build businesses through advising leaders (Advisors), operating early stage companies (Ventures), and sharing business knowledge (Educators).

We work with, for, and alongside tenured CEOs, inventors, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between. Avenue Group is led by Jeremy Greenberg, a seasoned business executive and entrepreneur.

Avenue Group has an experienced Expert Council, including Jason Feifer, editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine, Isar Meitis, AI podcaster and keynote speaker, and industry experts across tech, finance, payments, sports & gaming, video branding, consumer research, and psychotherapy.

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A Welcome Message from our Founder

Thank you for taking time to learn more about Avenue Group.

I created this company because I wanted to play a more significant role in making business leaders of all levels more effective. For many, our businesses are our passion, our identity, and our future.

A Welcome Message from our Founder

Here are Some Values that I Hold Dear:

Company Values | Be Unique

Be Unique

Growing up as an identical twin, I gained a special appreciation for celebrating individuals’ uniqueness. This early experience helped me value our differences, even the subtle or below the radar ones. It made me understand that differentiation as individuals and as businesses is what allows us to thrive.

Company Values | Celebrate Creativity

Celebrate Creativity

We must be creative in business to be most successful and to enjoy it. I find happiness in expressing my creativity through various outlets. I’ve used art as inspiration for over 25 years, primarily as an oil painting hobbyist. I love the process of taking a completely blank canvas and turning it into a piece of artwork with meaning.

Company Values | Make an Impact

Make an Impact

We can’t possibly do everything, so we need to focus on what’s most important. As a CEO and adviser, I listen very closely to customer needs to drive priorities for growth. Intelligent sequencing is one of the most valuable actions we can take that will lead to long term success.

Company Values | Listen Closely

Listen Closely

I am fascinated by observing and studying customer behavior to learn what drives people to act. I believe in constantly examining how my businesses and my clients’ businesses work, using customer information that goes beyond data or industry stereotypes.

I hope we find a way for you to BUILD WITH US®.

Jeremy Greenberg Founder Signature

Jeremy Greenberg
Founder, Avenue Group

Jeremy Greenberg

Jeremy Greenberg has advised executives, private equity firms, and operators across a wide spectrum of industries for over 20 years. Jeremy serves as a board member for Evermore Homes (homebuilding company) and Illinois Avenue Partners (specialty private equity firm). Jeremy brings experience from his roles in P&L management and company operations, management consulting at BCG, and coaching business leaders, entrepreneurs, and those in crisis.

Avenue Group Expert Council

Jason Feifer
Storytelling & Media Expert

Jason Feifer is the editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine, a startup advisor, podcast host, and was formerly an editor at Fast Company, Men’s Health, and Maxim. He is the author of the book Build For Tomorrow, which helps readers thrive during change, and LinkedIn named him a Top Voice in Entrepreneurship.

Isar Meitis
AI Implementation Expert

Isar Meitis is a four-time CEO and experienced investor and board member. Isar empowers businesses and individuals to maximize their potential and results through AI-infused strategies, systems, and processes.

Kathy Butler
Marketer & Researcher

Kathy Butler is Lead Partner of HawkPartners, a team of fact-based marketing consultants. Kathy has a BA from Yale University, and more than two decades of consulting experience, focused on both qualitative and quantitative research.

Mike Ragsdale
Lifestyle Brand Innovator

Mike Ragsdale is an innovative entrepreneur and the founder of 30A®, a lifestyle brand that resonates with beach lovers worldwide. As the publisher of Beach Happy magazine and a passionate leader in the environmental movement, Mike has extended 30A’s reach through eco-friendly products and a philosophy that cherishes coastal values. Mike’s journey has taken him to over 60 countries, enriching his perspective on lifestyle design and branding.

Amy DeFilippi
Psychotherapist, Team Builder

Amy DeFilippi is a licensed psychotherapist, with a private practice in New York City. Amy works with executives and teams to help navigate organizational restructuring, support new leaders, enhance post-merger cultural harmony, reduce stress, and increase productivity.

Ben Greenberg
Content Creator

Emmy-Award Winner Ben Greenberg serves as Head of Content at Avenue Group. With over two decades of experience, Ben has created premium branded video content for Oracle, NBA Entertainment, the Boston Red Sox, Major League Baseball, ABC, BET, Fox, Lifetime, MTV, NBC, Heidi Klum, Russell Simmons, Rob Gronkowski, Diddy, Deion Sanders, and Oprah Winfrey.

Nadia Gil
Strategist & Early Seed Investor

Nadia Gil is a seasoned early seed investor and M&A and strategy C-level expert with over 20 years of experience in a wide range of industries. Nadia’s current focus is on digital, analytics, cloud, and how automation and AI are changing industries.

Dan Hannigan-Daley
Sports & Gaming Innovator

Dan Hannigan-Daley (“DHD”) is the CEO at Sports Info Solutions and leads HD Sports, providing clients with expertise in sports betting and fantasy sports. DHD is a product-led executive who’s been a sports fanatic his entire life and built popular gaming products.

Abhishek Bisarya
Payments Innovator

Abhishek (“Abhi”) Bisarya serves as a strategic partner for CEOs, VCs, and accelerators offering expertise in product strategy, market fit, scaling, and monetization. Abhi has a wealth of experience in the payments space across lending (Capital One), commercial debit (Visa), and online payments (PayPal).

Bill Bradford
Digital Transformation Leader

Bill Bradford has held prominent leadership roles in digital media and technology. Bill served as Chief Digital Officer at Beachbody, where he led the transformation of the company’s media business from a transactional DVD sales model to a multi-platform consumer OTT subscription service. He also served as Chief Product Officer on the Hulu launch team, a joint venture between FOX and NBC.

Dr. Jeffrey Crespin, MD
Surgeon & Pharma Expert

Dr. Jeffrey Crespin is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. He is known among his colleagues at “the doctors’ doctor.”


Many of our clients need answers to thorny issues immediately. These sessions are designed to structure logical solutions for high priority, urgent challenges.

Use this confidential setting to discuss your trickiest business issues. Jeremy serves as a sounding board and advisor for them during our calls.

Identify what drives your customers & what you should do about it

Objectively assess company & market dynamics

Prioritize initiatives & sequence plan to deliver greatest impact

Evaluate leadership team dynamics & organizational effectiveness

Serve as “fractional CEO/COO/CMO” for your company

Address any issues with a confidential, expert sounding board

Jeremy Greenberg
Avenue Group FOUNDER

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