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To succeed in business, we must constantly build.

CEOs of large companies build shareholder value. Entrepreneurs build new companies. The curious among us build knowledge.

Avenue Group builds businesses through advising leaders (Advisors), operating early stage companies (Ventures) and sharing business knowledge (Educators).




Provide advice to executives of Fortune 500s, private equity firms, and mid-market companies




Operate and invest in high-potential companies with strong early track records




Share tangible business knowledge with emerging and established business leaders

About Avenue Group

Avenue Group helps business leaders of all levels with the rewarding process of building. The New York City-based company is led by Jeremy Greenberg, a seasoned business executive and entrepreneur. Avenue Group has an experienced Team of Collaborators, including the editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine and industry experts across tech, public policy, finance, pharma, and payments.

Avenue Group Collaborators

Avenue Group Advisors Client Examples

TAMKO logo | Business Growth

“Outstanding in all respects. From the outset, there was immediate attention, focus, and energy which continued through the completion of the project.”

David Humphreys, President & CEO
BainCapital Logo | Business Growth

“Well done overall on a tight timeline. We were very impressed with the overall process. The ability to generate meaningful findings was very impressive.”

Nelson Iginla, Private Equity
ABInBev Logo | Unlock Growth

“Solid work. We appreciated the discussions and the recommendations.”

Bryan Dunmire, eCommerce Partnerships

“Great partner in tackling a tough project.”

Sarah Dziuk, Global Marketing, SAP

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